Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Facts I Found Yesterday

I'm going back and looking through documents I saved to family members on www.Ancestry.com. When I first started, I didn't realize there was valuable information on them besides the obvious. By the way, visit www.familytreemagazine.com to find forms to download or print. I found some really helpful ones.

Looking back on Bethel Laverne Seibert's 1930 US Census form, I found quite a few new facts. She lived with Charles (34), Zelma I (29), Charles Jr (8), and William R (1). They lived in Sharonville, Hamilton, Ohio. I learned that when they were married, Charles was 24 and Zelma was 20 which puts their marriage date abt. 1921. All were born in Illinois, except Bethel and William who were born in Ohio. Also, parents Seibert and Fitzgerald were born in Illinois.

I had the brothers names, but the R for William was new information. If you're just catching up, Bethel, my grandmother, legally changed her name to Betty. You may need that at some point.

I found Betty L McQueary in the Ohio Deaths record. She died at home and what's not listed is that it was cancer. The certificate number is 045162.

How long ago did I start this tree? Over a year I suppose. Turns out this whole time I've been spelling Seibert wrong (ie). There are many people with the other spelling who are not related. (Side note: Have I mentioned how cool it is that this blog site autosaves?)

Back to the 1930 US Census for a moment... Charles was "car repairer" employed by the steam reailroad industry. He also was a "WW" veteran.

If the registration for the army that I found is in fact him, his name would be Henry Charles Seibert (a lot of people back then went by their middle names) and his birthday would be 29 Oct 1887 in Chicago, IL. I haven't added this information yet as I want to make sure it is the same Charles Seibert that I'm looking for.

I revisited the Michigan Deaths record for Zelma Irene Seibert. She was born 30 Apr 1900 and died 27 Feb 1995. At the time of her death, she resided in Mason, Ingham, MI, but died in Lansing, Ingham, MI.

After adding the Jr to Charles Seibert, Bethel's brother, I was able to find his Ohio Deaths record which was all new information for me. He was born 30 Oct 1921 and died on 25 Dec 1996 in Hamilton. The certificate number is 103784. I now have his social security number too. I have yet to discover what I can use these SS#'s for, but when I find a service, I will have them. On the death record, I also discovered that he was divorced, was an Army veteran, and he was also in the railroad industry.

I found Harry McQueary in the SS Death Index. He was Grandpa Paschal McQueary's nephew; so, mom's cousin. He was born 6 Sep 1935 and died October 1986. Why it doesn't have the day, I'm not sure. His last residence was Cincinnati 45247.

That's where I am today. I'm going to continue going through the saved records and try to find some other clues.

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