Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Amazing Ahern Find

I started the day with a search for a 1920 US Census including buster. I know where he was in 1930. I know where his parents were in 1920. So it didn't make sense to me that I couldn' find him. Turns out what happened is that Charles and Irene were the last two entries on one page and Edwin and Elmer were the first two entries on the next. For some reason, chose to put them with another family on the page. Had I not chose to look at the original document, I wouldn't have found them. But he was listed as Edwin Charles and in the right city so I chose to take a chance. By the way, I also discovered that the baby girl I named as Joy because of the old picture I found it turns out is Elmer Joy Smith. Another mystery solved.

Just by finding out that it was Elmer J Smith, I found the birth and death indexes for him. He was born 13 Jul 1918 in the county of Sonoma and died 17 Jun 1949 in Santa Clara.

Going over the 1930 Census for Charles Smith yet another time (I've chosen to copy the information on to the blank census records so I have hard copies), I discoverd that although it didn't have an age at first marriage for Maybelle, it did say she was married. Could she have been married to one of the Aherns away at war? And I saw where it said that Charles is a veteran of the WW so I added him to my Military Records list which I hadn't done before.

The dates of "age at first marriage" confirm that Charles was not her first husband. To be age 17 at first marriage would put the year abt 1915. According to Charles' age, she married him abt 1918. I did however move Edwin Charles Smith to his children for now because until I get any form of evidence to the contrary, I'm just going to consider him Charles' son.

I haven't added Maybelle and Austin back in yet. I'm waiting until I get more clues for the husband. Good thing I have pictures to look back on.

Because of my earlier success with the US Census, I did a search for Isabelle in 1900. I ran across a Sarrah Ahern in Sonoma. At the time, I think pretty much any Ahern I run across in Sonoma is related so I took a peek. They had the name wrong again! It was under Archie Ahern, but looking at the original, it is clearly Nicholas. The groovy thing about this year's census information is that they had to write the month and year of birth. So I know have that info for William, Richard, and George. Not to mention, there was an 11 year old Mary, hello! Mae E! The Sarrah name was only 11 months and clearly one that passed before the 1910 survey.

Another mystery is why Isabelle doesn't appear on this census. She would've been about 2 years. Also, it says that Mary had 6 children and only 5 living. The 5 was smudgy, but only 5 were listed. One other thing, it says Nicholas immigrated 1885, two years earlier, and said he had been in the country 15 years which sounds like the information is correct.

From adding Mary to Mae E's profile along with the month and year of birth, I came up with her CA Death Index entry. She died Mary E Neimann. If she did mary a Reed early on, she married a Neimann later in life. There was no social securtiy number, but it gave me her birthday 5 May 1889 and death 1 Jan 1947 in San Francisco.

I got more pictures and names of McQuearys today from Mary Pat. I've been adding family members there, mostly living.

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