Sunday, September 21, 2008

What I've Learned While in Bed with a Sprained Ankle

Thanks to a sprained ankle, I stayed in bed with my leg raised, ice pack on foot, and slow computer set to I used the time to go over the census info I already have for direct line family members as well as tried to find some of the missing ones. I also went back through all of my notes to the beginning when I really didn't know what I was doing and rechecked everything.

Side note: My first issue of Family Tree Magazine arrived today, read it cover to cover, and it was well worth the subscription.

The 1930 US Census for Silas Virgil McQueary showed that the rented at 617 Main St. for $20 and had a "radio set". This gave me kids, birth years, and place of birth. All were born in Kentucky except Harold Jackson who was Ohio. Silas was 21 years old at marriage to Bessie who was only 15. This puts their marriage year about 1911. Silas was assistant manager for a life insurance company and Annabelle did canning at a canning factory.

The 1930 US Census for Charles Seibert shows that Charles married Irene when he was 24 and she was 20. This makes the year about 1920. Charles did car repair for the steam railroad.

The 1920 US Census for the Larsen family doesn't list Charles. He's listed on the 1910 and 1930, but not 1920. Mystery. They lived in Santa Cruz. It does say married next to Ada, but I don't know where Charles could be, although, I have a census for the Aherns that Isabelle wasn't listed on so perhaps it just happens every once in a while.

A 1920 US Census for Silas Virgil McQueary has Dennis Morgan living with them (listed as orphan). Silas was a farmer. In looking for Bessie in 1910, I realized that Madison Morgan died that year and her mother in 1911 so she could be with other relatives.

I really can't get any farther with Charles Seibert and Zelma Irene Fitzgerald until I find additional sibling or parent information on them. Hello Internet world out there! Hear me! I need help! All I have is brother Ray for Zelma and a half sister, mother unknown, Eatha or Ertha.

The 1900 US Census for the Morgan family shows many Durham families as neighbors. I plan on going back and checking them for relatives as I believe they are. Margaret's mother's name was Martha A Hogue, so that would be an additional married name for her. Madison and Margarette had been married for 19 years, had 9 children with 7 still alive. Madison was a farmer with the three oldest children laborers on the farm.

I'll add more tomorrow as there's a lot to cover.


Tarah said...

Hi Cat, I found your blog while searching for information for my dad. I would very much like to email you. I believe, having read your blog that we are related. My deceased grandparents are Charles "Chuck" and Betty Seibert. My dad's brother's name is William Robert. Please email me @ Thank You in advance :) I hope your ankle is getting better!!

Tarah said...

Hello again,
my Dad was adopted by Charles T. and Betty J. Seibert and his birth parents were Bud McQueary and Helen McQueary- Seibert, Helen was the sister of Charles Thomas Seibert, born in 1920's. Also, Charles had a sister named Milly. Please email me back @ Thank you!